Canadian Red Cross Essential First Aid Kit

Canadian Red Cross Essential First Aid Kit


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The Essential First Aid Kit is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage a wide array of situations. With this kit, you will be able to treat deadly bleeds, burns, sprains and strains, eye emergencies, small wounds, and environmental emergencies. There are many innovative features to this kit including:

Waterproof Mylar Blanket – for treatment of hypothermia or shock, retains body heat, works as a wind block, highly reflective and great for signaling.

Easy-Strip Forehead Thermometer – assists in recognition of signs of fever, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and hypothermia.

Simple Wrap – a great substitute for roller gauze and tape, can be readjusted, easily rips, sticks to skin not to your hair.

BONUS! Purchase of the Essential First Aid Kit receives an Auto Survival Kit.


1-CRC first aid bag
2-Instant Cold Pack
2-Burn gel 3.5g
5-Bite relief
23-BZK Towelettes
7-Hand cleaning towelettes
4-2″ x 2″ Sterile Gauze 4 Ply
4-3″ x 3″ Sterile Gauze 4 Ply
4-4″ x 4″ Sterile Gauze 4 Ply
1-Simple wrap 1″
5-Knuckle bandage 3.8 cm x 7.6 cm
5-Fingertip bandage 4.4 cm x 5.1 cm
2-Patch bandage 5 cm x 7.5 cm
18-Quick bandage 2.5 cm x 7.2 cm
5-Butterfly closures 1 cm x 4.5 cm
20-Plastic adhesive bandages sterile 9.5 mm x 3.91 cm
21-Quick bandage 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm
1-EMT shears 15 cm
1-Nickel-plated tweezers
4-Safety pins
10-7 cm cotton tip applicators
6-Vinyl gloves
1-CPR mask with one way valve
1-Easy-strip forehead thermometer
1-Simple splint
1-Roller gauze 5 cm
1-Roller gauze 7.5 cm
1-Roller gauze 10 cm
1-Elastic Bandage with clips 7.5 cm
1-Paper tape 2.5 cm
1-Emergency blanket
1-Triangular bandage non-woven
2-Abdominal pad 22.8 cm x 25.4 cm
1-Bio-hazard bag
1-First aid manual
Bonus: Auto Survival Kit
1-Mylar sleeping bag
1-Glow stick
1-Rain poncho
1-SOS sign
1-Abdominal pad 13 cm x 23 cm
6-Quick bandage 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm
4-Quick bandage 2.5 cm x 7.2 cm
3-BZK Towelettes
4-Alcohol towelettes
2-Vinyl gloves
1-Nylon bag
Weight: 0.9 kg
Width: 30 cm
Height: 26 cm
Depth: 12 cm


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