Canadian Red Cross Deluxe First Aid Kit

Canadian Red Cross Deluxe First Aid Kit


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Quick Overview:

This kit is named the Deluxe First Aid Kit because it has it all! It is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage a wide array of situations.

There are many innovative features to this kit including the new Quick Bandage™. You simply pull the band aid from the tab and it removes the lining for quick and easy bandage placement. It also has a reflective strip on the kit itself, making it easier to locate during an emergency. You would also be prepared with a 12-hour glow stick, as over 60% of accidents occur in the dark. The most important aspects of a first aid kit are the protective barriers for CPR. With the Deluxe First Aid Kit, you are equipped with a CPR Pocket Mask with one-way valve and O2 inlet, as well as multiple pairs of gloves. Additionally, the Canadian Red Cross Pictograph Booklet is included as well. This booklet allows you to educate yourself at a glance on what to do for the major medical emergencies you might encounter. For all these reasons and more this is the most the most recommended kit we carry and when you compare the cost with its actual value there is no questions as to why it’s our Best-Seller.


10 – Cotton tip applicators

5 – BZK Towelettes

5 – Hand cleansing towelettes

5 – Sting Relief

2 – Burn relief gel

1 – Eye cup

16 – Quick bandage™ 2.5 cm x 7.2 cm

18 – Quick bandage™ 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm

2 – Cloth patch 5 cm x 7.5 cm

4 – Cloth Knuckle bandage 3.8 cm x 7.6cm

4 – Cloth Fingertip bandage 4.4 cm x 5.1 cm

5 – Butterfly closure 0.95 cm x 2 cm

2 – Sterile gauze 10 cm x 10 cm

2 – Sterile gauze 5 cm x 5 cm

2 – Sterile gauze 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm

1 – Paper tape 2.54 cm x 457 cm

2 – Sterile ABD pads 13 cm X 23 cm

1 – Stainless steel Splinter Forceps 14.1 cm

1 – Stainless steel bandage scissors 14.1 cm

1 – CPR Mask with one-way valve and O2 inlet

3 – Pair of vinyl gloves

2 – Non-sterile roller gauze 5 cm x 3.75m

1 – Non-sterile roller gauze 7.5 cm x 3.75m

1 – Non-sterile roller gauze 10 cm x 3.75m

2 – Instant cold pack 12.7 cm x 15.24 cm

1 – Elastic bandage with clips 7.5 cm x 4.5 m

1 – Emergency blanket

1 – White self-adhesive wrap 5 cm x 3.2 m

1 – 12 hours Glow stick

1 – Canadian Red Cross first aid booklet

1 – Easy strip forehead thermometer

1 – Triangular bandage non-woven

1 – Biohazard bag

1 – Malleable Finger Splint

Weight: 0.855 kg
Width: 29 cm
Height: 11 cm
Depth: 18.5 cm


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